eCADLite 4.5.3

eCADLite software program adds many useful tools for CAD developers and users

eCADLite software program offers the CAD user a wide range of element creation, editing, drawing tools, and advanced cell handing and dimensioning for all of your CAD data.

This application can read native DGN data so there are no translation issues with the data. The user can easily plot your MicroStation data. Accurate scaling and excel sheet composition can be done effortlessly with this eCADLite program.

This CAD application provides the all the functionality of regular CAD without taking too much space on your hard drive. eCADLite offers tools such as direct editing of cell and symbol libraries, direct viewing of raster and bitmap files and the referencing of DWG/DXF file formats.

Once this program is purchased online, it is instantly available from the GraphStore website. Its low memory requirement allows eCADLite to respond to the needs of all MicroStation users through traditional software and online via pay-per-use.